What are Immediate Dental Implants?

Dental Implants Plymouth DentistsAll too often, patients will find themselves in a situation with a broken tooth that cannot be fixed. No matter how careful we are with our teeth, they can break for a number of reasons.

These include normal wear and tear, teeth clenching, teeth grinding, large silver fillings, root canal treated teeth that are not properly restored, deep cavities, and so on.

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How Do Immediate Dental Implants Work?

Immediate Dental Implant Dentists Plymouth MI

Broken Front Tooth

When teeth are broken at the gumline or they break with very little tooth structure left behind, our dentists are left with no choice but to extract (remove) the tooth and find a replacement for the missing tooth. Our dental implant dentists at Plymouth Dentistry advocate that these non-restorable teeth be replaced with dental implants.

Immediate Dental Implants Dentists Plymouth MIWhen front teeth are broken in the visible smile zone, it is important that the broken tooth is removed and replaced with an implant on the same day.

This type of implant is otherwise known as an immediate dental implant. The sooner the broken tooth root is replaced with an implant, the sooner a new replacement crown can be attached to the dental implant.

Typically, it takes a process of about 4 months to complete the treatment. Dentists at Plymouth Dentistry take extreme care to preserve the jaw bone and gum tissue around the dental implant, especially if it is a front tooth. This ensures that there is a nice esthetic outcome where the implant tooth and the neighboring teeth appear very natural.

Temporary Tooth

Immediate Dental Implant Dentists in Plymouth MISometimes, a temporary crown is attached to the immediate implant so that the patient doesn’t have a gap in their smile! Patients are cautioned to not chew using the temporary crown, since chewing may affect the healing of the dental implant. Most often, a flipper (single tooth denture) is fitted to eliminate the gap in the smile!

Broken Back Tooth

When posterior teeth are broken at the gumline and are non-restorable, often times your dental implant dentist at Plymouth Dentistry will remove the tooth root and replace it with an immediate dental implant. Extreme care is taken such that the appearance and function of the neighboring teeth are not affected.

Bone Grafts

When doing an immediate dental implant, it is essential to add a bone graft to encircle the new implant and maximize the chances of the implant to completely integrate into the jaw.

When the broken tooth also has an infection, it is often accompanied by a loss of bone around the tooth. In these cases, it is necessary to place a bone graft plus a membrane, to rebuild the missing bone. Sometimes, it is possible to place an immediate dental implant along with the bone graft. Other times, when the bone loss is extensive, it is necessary to allow the bone graft to heal for 3 months prior to placing the dental implant.

Your dental implant dentist at Plymouth Dentistry will make the best recommendation to you in these situations. If the broken tooth is located on the upper jaw in the posterior, sometimes it is necessary to place the bone graft into the maxillary sinus to increase the amount of bone anchoring the implant. 3D X-rays, available at Plymouth Dentistry, are used to determine the position and extent of the bone graft needed to achieve optimal results.

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