Should I Choose Implant-Supported Dentures?

Implant Supported Dentures Plymouth Mi Dentists

Missing teeth can make it difficult to eat, smile, and talk. Fortunately, our dental implant dentists in Plymouth, MI, can help you explore your tooth replacement options, including implant-supported dentures. Implant-supported dentures are held in place by titanium posts in the jawbone.


Implant-supported dentures function much like natural teeth, which means they’ll be able to withstand the pressure exerted from chewing. Steak? Corn on the cob? No problem. By choosing an appliance supported by dental implants, you’ll be able to continue eating your favorite foods.

As long as you take care of your teeth, there’s no reason why your full arch dental implants can’t last for decades. You just need to take excellent care of your smile. Be sure to schedule an appointment with us at least every six months to get your teeth professionally cleaned and examined.

During your appointment, our dentists will be able to monitor your oral health and help ensure your dental implants last a lifetime. Our dental implant dentists are dedicated to protecting your oral health.

Improved Chewing

You can continue to eat your favorite foods with dental implants. Unlike dentures that slip, dental implants are anchored to your jawbone. While you can easily correct slipping dentures by biting down gently and swallowing, many of our patients would prefer to avoid this hassle altogether. Permanent implant-supported dentures allow you to eat with ease.

Improved Speech

It takes time to learn how to speak around dentures without lisping. Fortunately, permanent dentures function like natural teeth so you won’t have to relearn how to speak. These permanent dentures are anchored to your jawbone so you can talk to friends, family, and co-workers with confidence.

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Better Appearance

Implant-supported dentures look and feel like natural teeth. You’ll be able to appreciate your beautiful healthy smile the next time you brush your teeth or take your next selfie. Make sure you practice good oral hygiene and continue seeing our dentists at least every six months for preventive care.

Better Oral Health

Once your body senses you’ve lost a tooth, it’ll begin to absorb the minerals in your jawbone to use elsewhere. Over time, jawbone deterioration can lead to facial collapse.

Not only does facial collapse make you look older than your actual age, but it can make it harder for your dentures to rest comfortably on your gums. Dental implants can prevent further bone loss from happening. To learn more about avoiding facial collapse, check out our blog post on how to look younger with dental implants.

If you’ve recently lost a tooth, your first call should be to our office. We can help you determine whether implant-supported dentures are right for you. To be a candidate for dental implant surgery, you must have sufficient bone density in your jaw to support the implants. You must also have a healthy immune system to undergo the dental implant procedure.

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