Dental Implants are Forever

Dental implants are forever! Yes, you read it correctly. Dental implants done by our Plymouth dental implant dentists can last forever when the implant surgery is done correctly and the bite is set properly!

Plymouth MI Dental Implant Dentists

Plymouth Implant Dentistry will use 3D imaging software to design your implant and bite to ensure that your implant teeth last you a lifetime!

Tooth Loss

A tooth can be lost for many reasons, chief among them are tooth decay, gum disease and having a tooth broken due to trauma. When a tooth is not restorable and needs to be extracted, it can affect the patient emotionally — especially if it is a front tooth. In addition, it can be a painful experience in some cases, if the tooth is broken or infected. Finally, it can be somewhat costly to replace a broken tooth with a dental implant.

When a tooth is replaced with a dental implant, patients would like the new tooth to last a lifetime! With proper implant surgery by your Plymouth dental implant dentists, and appropriate home care, you will be able to make your dental implants last forever.

FACTORS THAT AFFECT IMPLANT LIFE: Proper bone, proper bite, and proper home care.

Proper Bone

Plymouth implant dentists are highly trained in ensuring your dental implant surgery is done in an optimum way. When implants are placed in ample amount of bone, at the correct angle and depth, the implant and crown are most similar to a natural tooth.

Your dentist will sometimes recommend the placement of a bone graft to ensure that there is a solid foundation of bone when placing the dental implant. Our dental implant dentists use 3D X-rays to ensure not only the proper amount of bone, but also the correct size, angle, and depth of the implant.

Proper Bite

Once the dental implant has healed in the bone, the Plymouth implant dentist will attach a crown to the implant to bring it into bite with the opposite teeth. Proper bite of the dental implant crown is important to make sure that the implant is not overloaded. Sometimes the implant dentist will recommend additional implants or additional restorations to make sure that the forces of biting are evenly distributed among all the teeth.

Proper Home Care

Once the dental implant is restored with a proper crown, it is important for the patient to maintain the implant at home with proper care. This usually requires brushing your teeth twice daily and flossing once every day, especially the dental implant crown.

Sometimes your dentist will recommend using a Waterpik as well to ensure that the area of the dental implant does not have a bacterial or calculus buildup. The dentist will also recommend a dental cleaning every 3 to 6 months, during which X-rays will be taken to ensure that there are no infections around the dental implants.

Diamonds are not the only things that last forever! Dental implants can last forever with expert implant placement and restorations by your Plymouth implant dentists and proper home care.

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